Health Center

A training centre in the heart of Athens’ Olympic Facilities!

Swimming Training

Anyone can now swim in the Olympic Swimming Pool

Sports Massage

Injury rehabilitation and post-training relaxation

Training & Fun

Increase your personal potential while having fun; we invite you to explore all of the different training experiences we offer

Experienced Trainers

Our people all have a sports background and know how to help you improve your body

Top-Quality Equipment

Modern equipment – the tools that will help you achieve your goals

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

Secure and effective programmes for recovery and rehabilitation after an injury

1000 Acres

of Sports Facilities

Do your training in the largest sports facilities in Athens

Get trained by the best experts in the field who create Olympians!

10 + Years

of Coaching Experience

No better place to get you healthy

Athens Athletics Events

A gym without the crowds! This new facility offers a wide range of training methods, such as free weight training, swimming, cross training and state-of-the-art cardio training equipment.

SUP Classes

Athens Athletics Events offers indoor SUP classes for fitness and SUP classes at the facilities of the Olympic Swimming Pool.