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Today, through Athens Athletics Events in the heart of the Olympic Aquatic Centre, we bring a new experience to those who have made wellness, a way of life.

For more than ten years Sofia Kasimi has been in charge of the rehabilitation and recovery of both professional and amateur athletes, successfully bringing them back to their regular training and competition schedules.


Sofia Kasimi grew up in an environment where the love of sports was a given.

She joined the AEK track team at the age of 15. Success and distinction followed shortly after. She placed 3rd in the school cross-country championship.

  • 1st place in the Women’s Youth 10,000 m., representing Paradisos Amarousiou Club
  • 3rd place in the Greek National Women’s Championship
  • Up to the age of 21 she received a host of distinctions in closed and open track events

At the age of 21 she decided to train for the marathon distance, a decision that proved to be an inspired one, giving her the first place in the Greek women’s championship. That was the beginning of a series of successful races.

By 2005 she had participated in 35 marathon-distance races in Greece, Europe and the USA.

2005 was a milestone year for Sofia, as she decided to test herself in ultra-marathon distances, and participated in the Efchidios Athlos endurance race, 100K races in Greece (time: 9 h 24 min) and abroad, 65K races, 12-hour races and 24-hour races!

2009 was another year that left a strong imprint on Sofia’s sporting life, as the year in which she entered the Spartathlon.

The first two years were unsuccessful; in 2009 she covered 120 km, and she got as far as the 160th kilometre in 2010.

In 2011, her willpower and persistence paid off, as she was able to touch the statue of Leonidas is Sparta after 35 hours.

Sofia is still an active runner, participating in endurance and ultra-marathon events, and now passes on her knowledge and experience to professional and amateur athletes, through ATHENS ATHLETICS EVENTS.