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Stand Up Paddle Classes

Learning Stand-Up Paddle boarding is not as simple as standing up and paddling, but it is relatively easy under the right conditions and with good training.

Stand Up Paddle

Because it’s really fun to “pull a paddle” !

SUP is an ideal sport for exercising your entire body, especially your core and arms. But it is also good exercise for the legs, since you need to maintain your balance on the board. Balance is an important element that determines the technique required to learn paddle boarding.

The combination of all of the above ensures isometric training for the whole body, while improving your cardio-respiratory function.

SUP paddle boarding is considered a sea sport and has been included as an official sport recognized by the General Secretariat for Sports, in the canoe/kayak federation. Learning to paddle board is always fun, and can be a great adventure, depending on the paddle boarder’s level of expertise.

Therefore it requires specialized training and practice to learn not only the technical details of the sport, but also how to ‘read’ the environmental conditions (currents, wind speed and direction, etc.). We offer theoretical and practical training in a swimming pool to start with, and then at sea.

Athens Athletics Events now offers you indoor SUP classes for fitness (simulation exercises) and classes at the emblematic facilities of the Olympic Swimming Pool. Part of the SUP Fitness Program includes the SUP Fitness Intro, which is an ideal method to gain some self-confidence and get some technical tips – instructions.

The course will bring you in contact with the equipment (board & paddle) to see how these pieces of equipment can open the horizons in a truly exciting sport, which will allow you to explore the endless and unique beaches of Greece.

Do not let winter keep you away…

from your favorite board !!!

In addition to these SUP classes where you can get an introduction, we also offer personal SUP Fitness classes for SUP Yoga!

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